Celebrate in Silk

Plus Size Mother of the Bride / Groom Dresses and Outfits from Living Silk

November 21 2020

There’s nothing quite like dressing up for a special occasion. Slipping into a gorgeous garment, doing your hair and makeup, and accessorizing is a fun and self-pampering process that makes you feel like royalty.

Every woman deserves to step out of the house in a garment they love, no matter their size—something that suits their personality and style, and makes them feel comfortable and confident.

With standard sizing typically stopping at 14, we understand that it can be hard for plus-size ladies to find an outfit they adore let alone that fits them properly; and when there are plus-size options available, the designs don’t always account for curves and end up fitting awkwardly (so buying off the rack doesn’t always work).

At Living Silk, we celebrate all shapes and sizes and are proud to offer a Made to Measure service that goes beyond standard sizing. If you’re a plus-size woman, you can order a dress or two-piece set in accordance to your personal measurements so it fits you like a glove.

This blog covers our Made to Measure service and shows you our staple pieces on a plus-size model. Enjoy!

How Made to Measure Works 

Our Made to Measure service applies to all our online garments. If you see something you like, it can be ordered to fit you just right. 

The process involves four simple steps:

  1. Choose your outfit
  2. Take your measurements in accordance to our Measurement Chart (preferably by a professional seamstress or dressmaker)
  3. Order your outfit by clicking the ‘M2M’ icon
  4. Send the Measurement Chart to Olivia (at shop@livingsilk.com) with your name and order number.

Your garments will be made in accordance to your measurements, and quality checked three times by our professional dressmakers before they are sent your way. The garments will be posted to you within four weeks of us receiving your order.

Please note that Made to Measure garments are non-refundable, as they are made to fit you specifically.

Classic Wrap Shirt + Bohemian Skirt

This is one of our most popular top and shirt combinations. The Classic Wrap Shirt exudes sophistication, and as the name suggests, wraps around your body to achieve that perfect fit. The accompanying Bohemian Skirt is the swishiest in our collection, and falls elegantly at the ankles.

This look is 100% pure silk, and is available in our full color palette.


Ribbon Dress

This boat neckline dress is the most flattering in the Living Silk collection, as it’s designed with micro modal so it moulds to your body. 

Featured here in the new collection colour of Silver, Ivory + Blush.   

Cocktail Wrap Dress


Wow is the word to describe this number. 

The pure silk Cocktail Wrap Dress is available in Teal, Coffee, Midnight Blue and Black.

The Cocktail Wrap Dress is also available in Organza.  


Tea Length Dress + Organza Coat

If you fancy wearing a pure silk coat to your special event, this look is for you. It exudes sophistication and pops in photographs thanks to the contrast of the sheer coat and opaque dress.  Shown here in Gunmetal pure silk.  


Boleros and Jackets 

If you would like a little something over your shoulders and arms when dressing up, we have a wide selection of boleros and jackets that you can slip on.

Our Boleros, Jackets and Coats are 100% pure silk - they’re light and perfect for any weather.

All in all, dressing up for a special occasion should be fun for everyone, which is why our Made to Measure exists. If you’re a plus-size lady looking for an elegant Mother of the Bride / Groom dress or outfit for a cocktail, formal, beach, country, rustic, garden or vineyard wedding, you know where to look!