Celebrate in Silk

Pearls + Silk for the Mother of the Bride / Groom

December 13 2020

A timeless pairing: Pearls and Silk

When it comes to fashion, there’s certain colors, patterns and textures that just look good together and others that don’t. Oftentimes, playing around with pieces (whether in a store, online, or in front of your mirror) is how you determine whether they create a cohesive outfit or not.

It’s worthwhile wearing pieces that complement each other instead of clash, so you feel confident in what you’re wearing, each piece has its own time to shine, and you look great in photographs (there’s nothing worse than looking back at photos thinking “what was I wearing?”).

A fashion combination that works without fail is pearls and silk. This pairing has stood the test of time, and it’s no surprise as to why. The fabric and jewelry both emit a lovely sheen, they’re both classics, they don’t outshine one another, and they’re both typically worn to special occasions.

Pearls and silk is a divine and classic look for a Mother of the Bride / Groom or a guest attending a formal or cocktail event. Dress in this combo, and you’ll undoubtedly look and feel luxurious!

Here at Living Silk, we stock a beautiful collection of Spanish pearls that pair wonderfully with our silk event wear. The Classic Pearl Strand and Earrings are $189 for the set.  

The strand is the perfect length to sit around your neck without hanging too low and covering the details of your dress or top. The earrings are a small single pearl, so they aren’t too big or dangly that they detract from your outfit.

Wearing pearl accessories with your silk dress or two-piece set will truly elevate your look, and make you feel that extra bit luxe.

These timeless pieces of jewelry also make for an excellent gift—especially for a mum on Mother’s Day, Christmas, or her birthday. Both the strand and earrings come wrapped in a silk organza jewelry bag ready to give to a loved one.

To see how lovely pearls look with silk, browse our collection online here - the majority of photos feature our pearl necklaces and earrings!

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