Celebrate in Silk

A spotlight on the Ribbon Dress for the Mother of the Bride / Groom

January 09 2021

Of all the dresses in the Living Silk collection, the Ribbon Dress holds the title of most flattering. It’s designed with stretch so it seamlessly moulds to your body, thus creating a flattering and feminine fit. The Ribbon Dress is ideal if you want a sleek silhouette, rather than a flowy and loose one.

Featuring a criss-cross design that pops in photographs (and in person), the Ribbon Dress is also one of the most unique in our collection.

This blog will shine a spotlight on the Ribbon Dress, discussing its design, available colors, and styling options. So read on to learn more about this gorgeous garment.


The Ribbon Dress boasts a quartet of features that make the dress so spectacular. 

The first is the 47% micro modal, which gives the dress its infamous stretch. Micro modal is a specialised type of rayon that boasts incredible softness and resistance to shrinkage, so you can rest assured that your dress will be comfortable and long-lasting.

The second feature is the silk satin ribboning that covers the dress from top to bottom. This criss-cross pattern highlights the femininity of the dress and, as mentioned earlier, photographs brilliantly, which is so important when celebrating life events!  

The third feature that makes the Ribbon Dress so special is the boat neckline. It is soft, elegant, and allows the right amount of room for a necklace. Tip: pearl necklaces pair with silk beautifully; read this blog to find out why.

The fourth and final feature is the small slit at the back, bottom edge of the dress. Not only does this add a modern touch, but it gives you extra movement for dancing the night away! 

Color Options

The Ribbon Dress is available in Ivory, Turquoise, Navy Blue + Silver, and Black + Gold.

Having multiple color options means you can choose the one that feels most like you, coordinate nicely with the bride or groom, and match the atmosphere of the wedding you’re attending. For example, the Ivory and Turquoise suit a beach or garden ceremony, while the darker options suit more cocktail or formal locations like a grand hotel or ballroom.




Navy Blue + Silver


Black + Gold


The Ribbon Dress is splendid on its own, but if you would like to add an extra layer of detail and elegance you can; there’s plenty of jackets, coats, and shawls that you can slip over the top - just a little something over your shoulders.  

Here’s a rundown of the best ones for this garment:

Organza Jacket

Made with sheer pure silk organza, this jacket is light to wear and still allows the dress to shine through. The curved neckline replicates that of the dress, so coordinate wonderfully when paired together. 

Organza Jacket - Silver

Cocktail Organza Jacket 

Also pure silk, this jacket is similar to the last with the addition of an opaque trim. The Cocktail Organza Jacket notably sits on the neckline of the Ribbon Dress, rather than above it.

Organza Coat 

If you’re looking for a bit more length, the Organza Coat is the answer. The pure silk swing coat features an intricate cornelli lace detail or can be plain.  This coat can be worn two ways: with the hook and eye clasped together or without; the first option lets the coat’s feminine silhouette shine (cinched waist with a slight flare), while the second allows the coat to swing while you walk.

Because the Organza Coat is pure silk, you don’t have to worry about getting too hot in this coat; pure silk will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Mother of the Bride / Groom Dresses


If you fancy a shawl that you can drape elegantly over your arms, we have a lovely pure silk one that comes in a handful of colours. Made from 100% pure soft silk, it’s smooth on the skin and very luxurious.

Overall, the Ribbon Dress is an exquisite option for a Mother of the Bride / Groom attending their son's or daughter’s wedding, be it a cocktail, formal, beach, garden, country, boho, rustic or outdoor wedding.

Depending on the color you choose and how you style it, the Ribbon Dress can be worn for any special occasion - a graduation, milestone birthday, lunch, anniversary, cocktail party or more formal occasion.  

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