Celebrate in Silk

A spotlight on the Bohemian Skirt - for the Mother of the Bride / Groom

February 02 2021

Skirts make up a large part of the Living Silk pure silk collection, and the swishiest one of all is the Bohemian Skirt.

This skirt is designed to sway while you walk—creating a feminine flowing movement that feels and looks luxurious. It’s a timeless piece that any wardrobe would happily house, and is ideal to wear to any special occasion (think weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, galas, and showers. The list is endless!).

This blog will shine a spotlight on the Bohemian Skirt, discussing its design, colors, and styling options. Read on to learn all the ins and outs of our swishiest skirt, the Bohemian Skirt. 


The Bohemian Skirt is sewn in an impressive 28 panels of pure soft silk as the lining and 28 panels of silk organza as the overlay. All of the silk organza panels are French seamed.  The silk is also 100% pure, hand woven and hand dyed which gives the Bohemian Skirt its stunning flow.  

The skirt is designed with a drawstring waistband and six hooks and eyes on the left-hand side, so you don’t have to worry about sitting on any zips or buttons that are placed in awkward positions. All you need to do is enjoy celebrating in comfort!

The final thing to note about this skirt’s structure is length. It falls right at the ankles, which not only looks elegant but allows you to show off your shoes and dance without fear of tripping on excess fabric.


The Bohemian Skirt is perfectly complemented by our signature Classic Wrap Shirt, in either the opaque or sheer style. Just like the Bohemia Skirt, the Classic Wrap Shirt is 100% pure silk, so both create a seamless look when paired together.

This top and skirt combination is particularly lovely for a Mother of the Bride / Groom, who deserves to wear something simply beautiful for a beach, garden, boho, country, rustic, mountain, outdoors, cocktail or formal wedding in Spring / Summer or Fall / Winter.  


Color Options

Whether you like earthy tones or pinks and blues, there’s a Bohemian Skirt that will suit your color preference. Take a look at the vidoes below: 

Soft Pink





 Navy Blue

Overall, the Bohemian Skirt is dreamy and pretty, and its intricate detail and craftsmanship makes it a luxurious piece to wear. It will serve you well at any special occasion.

If you would like to browse our Bohemian Skirts, or discover the other skirts in our collection, click here.